Organic coffee


100% artisanal, 100% sustainable

Our commitment about sustainability at CAFES VITORIA has been the main focus when developing our organic coffees.

We received the organic certificate from CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production) that allow us to produce and commercialize organic coffee. Moreover, we are a member of “Café Mundi” an NGO dedicated to improve the living conditions of coffee communities through the creation of infrastructures and mechanisms which help fight poverty.

Our beans grow in organic fields among the main producers around the globe. From healthy, clean and green beans of different botanic varieties of “Coffea”. The beans are carefully selected among the highest quality Arabic variety.

They are grown following the organic production directives, free of pesticides, herbicides or any chemical fertilizers. The level of roasting affects the flavours and aromas of the beans; thus, we customize and create the coffee blends following our customer needs.  Our roasting process, 100% natural and artisanal, is monitored at all times, to ensure we obtain an excellent product and allow our customers to create unique blends.

Our products do not contain any allergenic ingredient or traces of them. These are not present in our production line, our warehouse, our providers’ warehouses and the transportation used, so cross contamination cannot happen.

The raw coffee beans used in the production of our coffees, do not come from genetically modified sources and comply with the European Regulation on this subject EC / 1829/2003 and EC / 1830/2003 on the manufacture and labelling of genetically modified products.